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The Albert Spiess Company, which began life in 1906 as a butchers’ shop in the Swiss town of Schiers, now counts as one of the country’s leading suppliers of cured meat products. With no successor to take on the firm, CEO Albert Spiess sold out to the Orior Group in 2008.

The meat delicacies of the Swiss canton of the Grisons/Graubünden are characterised by the tangy, fresh aromas that are native to the mountain air of this high-altitude region. Made to old, original recipes that have been handed down from father to son, part of the secret of their flavour lies in marinades containing carefully-blended spices and Alpine herbs. The fine delicacies that result are then left to mature to perfection in Europe’s highest meat-curing plant.

The meat delicacies of the Grisons/Graubünden are healthy, since they are both low in fat and rich in valuable minerals and vitamins.


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